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12 volt Home RV Air Conditioning†Home AC

I just wanted to let you know that I just received my 12 volt air conditioner today and it's the best $40 I've ever spent. We live in South Texas and the A/C went out on my old car last summer and the repair bill was exaggerated. I placed the unit in my car this afternoon and it cooled with ice cold air all the way to school & back home several hours later. It  runs very quietly and is a great alternative to these hot humid days of Summer I'm very pleased. 

12 volt RV Air Conditioning†Home Air Conditioners

Here's a neat 12v gadget I came across the other day. It's called KoolerAire, and how it works is you fill a cooler with ice (or frozen 2L soda bottles) and install the KoolerAire 12v fan ($40 USD), and it fills your car (or boat; it was originally designed for marine applications) with blessed coolness for as long as the ice lasts. A simple PVC elbow joint allows you to direct the cold air wherever you want. Don't laugh, it's brilliant. Regards Lynne (As posted on the Antique Auto Website)

12 volt Home Air Conditioning†Home Air Conditioners

We used our air conditioner last Thursday night at the hot Iowa State Fair. It worked great in our tent that attaches to our open hatch minivan.  We slept in the minivan and were quite comfortable thanks to your product! The sound level is quite acceptable and the effectiveness is amazing! Ken W.

12 volt Home RV Air Conditioning

I have 12 angora rabbits that I keep in a 10 ft by 12 ft wooden mini-barn. They're fine in the winter with their long fur coats, but they really suffer in the summer. My hubby wont let me bring them inside, and he says it would cost too much to cool the barn. Last summer I almost killed myself trying to keep those bunnies alive! I had to give them hair cuts every week, constantly replace their water, and I put frozen water bottles in every individual cage, changing them 2 times a day! This in turn made their bedding wet, so I had to clean cages a lot more often. Then yesterday, desperate for a solution, I was surfing the web and found out about KoolerAire. I was so excited. I already had bottles of water freezing, so when it got here today I immediately took it out to the barn and set it up. The air coming out is ice cold, and after half an hour it was already 8 degrees cooler inside the barn. It is 93 degrees today, so believe me it makes a difference. Hopefully I can get it down to 80 degrees. The buns are comfortable at 80 and under. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I'm going to order another one as soon as I get paid again! I love it!!!! Feel free to use my words in your advertising. LOVE my KoolerAire by Erin Simmons of Harrison, TN

12 volt Home Air Conditioners

Iíve been using one for several years in hot & humid Texas in my Cessna Cardinal and it really makes a welcome difference.  I occasionally fly Angel Flights with cancer patients and they especially enjoy the relief from the summer heat this product provides. R. Maas

12 volt Home Air Conditioners

Purchased KoolerAire for me and the boys while camping, items arrived fast, package was shipped within a few hours of ordering. Service was 5 stars! We didn't need to use it the first night out but the second night was brutal, we were happy to bring KoolerAire along. Very pleased with the product so far. Charlie TX.

12 volt Air Conditioning

My wife and I purchased the KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioner last year and we absolutely love it. We live in South Florida and go camping quite a bit, but camping in the summer months down here makes sleeping unbearable. Not anymore, this little gizmo is fantastic. No more excuses not to go camping. Did I mention we live in the muggy inferno we call South Florida? Thanks, Angel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

12 volt Air Conditioners

Living in Central Florida and having just experienced two hurricanes in three week's time (we're still not sure what Ivan is going to do), I had to write. After Charley but before Frances, I ordered the unit and it arrived quickly with time to spare between the two storms. We lost power for 4 days during Frances and boy was I happy to have the KoolerAire, which we used with a portable 12 volt power source. Once power was restored, our air conditioner quit so the KoolerAire was once again called to duty. Your conditioning product helped us 'keep our cool' in a trying situation and I thank you for offering such an innovative product. B. Rosko Mt. Dora FL.

12 volt air conditioner

My names is James "Butch" Corcoran, I'm presently attached to the 1st Infantry Division here in Iraq as an "advisor".  While in Hawaii we used your KoolerAire product in buildings that had no electricity or working air conditioning system. It was used in the rear portion of rental vans because we could not leave them idling. It was even used to cool our electronics that we placed inside trunks of unattended parked vehicles! I thought the unit would be a great addition to the inside of the Humvees that these kids ride in. We provide the military escort whenever we leave the perimeter to do our assignments. NO, kidding, it gets up to 124 degrees during the day and drops down to 98/99 degrees at night. What I would like to know is; We would like to purchase more units, could someone E-mail me with the price of the coolers, KoolerAire inserts, and shipping cost? The items would have to be sent to our APO address. Any assistance you can offer would be really appreciated. Aloha from Iraq , Butch

12 volt Home RV Air Conditioning

We purchased the KoolerAire conditioner unit and an Igloo Cooler recently from your website. I wanted to see if it would keep the internal temperature of my SUV ( Ford Escape) cool enough for when we travel with our dog and have to make a stop where the dog couldn't go with us. The results have been better than expected. The method we use is to keep the windows cracked about 2 inches, we use a reflective sun shade on the windshield and small sun screens on the driver and passenger windows. The other windows on the SUV are a dark security tint. With the KoolerAire the internal temperature of my SUV stays at a very safe and comfortable temperature for my dog for hours even in direct sunlight on very hot days. We experimented leaving a high/low digital thermometer in the car prior to using it with our dog. The internal temperature was no more than 75 degrees F. Using block ice when available the ice lasted longer than cubed or crushed. Twenty pounds of  cubed ice lasted for well over six hours, and no we don't leave our dog in the car for six hours!!!!  Your unit really has made going on road trips for us much easier as we can now travel with our dog when we go camping. We do use an external power pack to power the unit. Mike San Diego

2v AC Home Air Conditioners

I can't speak for others or the circumstances in which they have used it. I will say "for me and my family KoolerAire has definitely proven itself time and again!" For this reason I purchased another unit as a gift for my brother. When our KoolerAire was delivered we were so excited and immediately used ice from our freezer, once we plugged it in the air flow was instant and very cold, about 54 degrees! The fan was surprisingly quiet and strong for its size, as a matter of fact we used it this weekend and were able to feel the air all the way across the tent which is 6 feet away using the PVC elbow! Since our purchase of KoolerAire we've tried everything from frozen soda bottles to Blue Ice to one gallon jugs. We found all worked well however, the best was using frozen gel packs combined with an ice. These packs can be used over and over again and last about 5 - 7 hours at 80 to 85 degrees. Initially the air is very cold (50 degrees) but increased slowly to about 55 - 60 degrees. This is still cold enough for our tent or boat cuddy cabin. KoolerAire works sufficiently to cool both comfortably, especially in the evening when we use ours most. I hope this is helpful for you and others that visit your site. KoolerAire is a fine, well made product. Thanks again, Geri & Family

Personal 12 volt evaporative air conditioner

Unfortunately, I had purchased a more expensive, portable air conditioner last year and was very disappointed by its performance, or should I say the lack of. Sure the unit would blow air but it was barely above room temperature, kind of like a very expensive fan with hoses, cables and cords, it was a mess. Not to mention it worked off a water supply so it was spitting water out the vents! Needless to say I didn't return it right away and got stuck holding the bag. Recently, I found your site and thought..."for only $40.00 bucks its worth a shot" Well. I received my KoolerAire and couldn't be happier, the air is actually as cold as you state and cools my small cuddy nicely! Thank you for one of the most enjoyable purchases I've made on the internet...a totally effortless transaction, great same day service, and a wonderfully clever idea! Highly recommended! If you love the outdoors you're going to love it even more. Scott NJ

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Coolness, literally...Oh, the loveliness of gadgets. Originally it runs on ice, but following the suggestion at the site, I grabbed some two liter bottles full of water and froze them. After the test run, I've guessed that I'll need 2 two liters and 1-2 one liter bottles for best cooling affect. I've got 4 bottles now, so it will be easy keeping them in rotation. So I don't have to pay for ice bags or anything. Yes, yes, I sound like a commercial. I don't care, this conditioning thing is great...and it's all mine! S.W.

Home / Camping air conditioning

I purchased my KoolerAire portable RV air conditioning system last summer for my frequent camping trips, 4 bags of ice is all it took to cool off during the hot nights. We didn't leave it on all the time because we wanted to conserve the ice for when we really needed it! After the trip we went back to your site and took the suggestion of using "2 liter soda bottles filled with water and frozen" great suggestion and an even better product! Looking forward to another great camping season with KoolerAire conditioning of course! Jason LA

Home / Dorm room air conditioners

I bought my KoolerAire for use in my dorm room and it works great, can't tell you how many people came by and asked about it. I'm sure you'll be hearing from most of them as they were quite impressed with it's small size and ability to cool. I'll be sure use this as my home AC in my small bedroom as well. Danielle Staten Island NY

Ford F-150 12 volt air conditioner.

I purchased my KoolerAire last year for use in my Ford F-150 pickup truck, the AC went out and this thing stepped right in and did the trick. I was skeptical at first that something so inexpensive would work as effectively as it has, I'm glad I second guessed myself. Thank you KoolerAire for a great product that saved my day and quite a few bucks!


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